663-5 Death of defendant, continuance of action. In any case where the wrongdoer or other person who may be liable for damages for physical injury or death as provided by section 663-3 dies after action has been instituted against the wrongdoer or other person therefor, the action may be continued against the legal representative of the wrongdoer's or other person's estate in accordance with chapter 634. [L 1953, c 206, pt of 1; am L 1955, c 205, pt of 3; RL 1955, 246-4; HRS 663-5; am L 1972, c 144, 2(d); gen ch 1985]


Cross References


Abatement and revival, see chapter 634, pt V.

Probate, claims, see chapter 560.


Rules of Court


Substitution of parties, see HRCP rule 25; DCRCP rule 25.



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