663-4 Actions which survive death of wrongdoer or other person liable. All rights of action arising out of physical injury to the person or out of the death of a person as provided by section 663-3, shall survive, notwithstanding the death of the wrongdoer or any other persons who may be liable for damages for such physical injury or death. [L 1953, c 206, pt of 1; am L 1955, c 205, pt of 3; RL 1955, 246-3; HRS 663-4]


Cross References


Abatement and revival, see chapter 634, pt V.

Probate, claims, see chapter 560.


Rules of Court


Substitution of parties, see HRCP rule 25.


Case Notes


Does not provide for survival of defamation actions. 1 H. App. 517, 620 P.2d 771 (1980).

Judgments for punitive damages may be entered against the estate of a deceased tortfeasor. 104 H. 241 (App.), 87 P.3d 910 (2003).

Cited: 45 H. 373, 383, 369 P.2d 96 (1961).



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