661-2 Judgment against claimant when. Upon the trial of any cause in which any counterclaim or other demand is set up on the part of the State against any person making claim against the State, the court shall, without the intervention of a jury, hear and determine the claim or demand both for and against the State and claimant; and if upon the whole case it finds that the claimant is indebted to the State, it shall render judgment to that effect. [L 1894-5, c 26, 2; RL 1925, 2670; am L 1929, c 213, 2; RL 1935, 4421; RL 1945, 10476; RL 1955, 245-2; HRS 661-2; am L 1972, c 164, 1(b)]


Cross References


Costs, bond, when State a party, see 607-24.

Money paid under protest, suit to recover, see 40-35.



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