660-1, 2 Repealed

     660-3 Issuable by whom

     660-4 For prisoners, for trial or testimony

     660-5 Complaint

     660-6 Form of writ

     660-7 Order to show cause in lieu of writ

     660-8 Repealed

     660-9 Sunday

   660-10, 11 Repealed

    660-12 By supreme court; to whom returnable

    660-13 Issuance to person of unknown name

    660-14 For person of unknown name

    660-15 Costs

    660-16 Person held until writ issues, when

    660-17 Return to be prompt

    660-18 Contents

    660-19 Signature, oath, evidence

    660-20 Body to be produced, except when

    660-21 Procedure in case of sickness, etc.

    660-22 Disobeying writ or order to show cause, penalties

    660-23 Evading service, penalties

    660-24 Hearing without delay

    660-25 Notice to other parties, when

    660-26 Notice to attorney general, when

    660-27 Return, hearing

    660-28 Bail, etc., before judgment

    660-29 Discharge, when

    660-30 Admitted to bail, when

    660-31 Bail reduced, when

    660-32 Remanded, when

    660-33 Discharge, effect of


Rules of Court


  Applicability of Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see HRCP rule 81(a)(6), (f), (g), (h).


Case Notes


  Where father failed to comply with the procedural requirements of this chapter, the family court was not validly called upon to exercise its discretion in determining whether to serve a writ of habeas corpus ad testificandum upon the department of human services.  102 H. 335 (App.), 76 P.3d 578 (2003).