[658H-11] International commercial mediation. (a) Except as provided in subsections (b) and (c), if a mediation is an international commercial mediation, the mediation is governed by the model law.

(b) Unless the mediation parties agree in accordance with section 658H-3(c) that all or part of an international commercial mediation is not privileged, sections 658H-4, 658H-5, and 658H-6 and any applicable definitions in section 658H-2 also apply to the mediation and nothing in article 10 of the model law derogates from sections 658H-4, 658H-5, and 658H-6.

(c) If the parties to an international commercial mediation agree under article 1, subsection 7, of the model law that the model law does not apply, this chapter applies in its [entirety]. [L 2013, c 284, pt of 1]



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