658A-1 Definitions

  658A-2 Notice

  658A-3 When chapter applies

  658A-4 Effect of agreement to arbitrate; nonwaivable provisions

  658A-5 Application for judicial relief

  658A-6 Validity of agreement to arbitrate

  658A-7 Motion to compel or stay arbitration

  658A-8 Provisional remedies

  658A-9 Initiation of arbitration

 658A-10 Consolidation of separate arbitration proceedings

 658A-11 Appointment of arbitrator; service as a neutral


 658A-12 Disclosure by arbitrator

 658A-13 Action by majority

 658A-14 Immunity of arbitrator; competency to testify;

         attorney's fees and costs

 658A-15 Arbitration process

 658A-16 Representation by lawyer

 658A-17 Witnesses; subpoenas; depositions; discovery

 658A-18 Judicial enforcement of pre-award ruling by arbitrator

 658A-19 Award

 658A-20 Change of award by arbitrator

 658A-21 Remedies; fees and expenses of arbitration proceeding

 658A-22 Confirmation of award

 658A-23 Vacating award

 658A-24 Modification or correction of award

 658A-25 Judgment on award; attorney's fees and litigation


 658A-26 Jurisdiction

 658A-27 Venue

 658A-28 Appeals

 658A-29 Relationship to Electric Signatures in Global and

         National Commerce Act


Case Notes


  Where appellant was already bound by an arbitration agreement executed on February 24, 2000, and therefore the post-July 1, 2002 arbitration agreement was not a "new" arbitration agreement that would dictate the application of this chapter to the arbitration proceedings, §658A-3(a) was inapplicable to the case.  113 H. 127, 149 P.3d 495 (2006).

  Where arbitration between the State and union representing state employees was statutorily mandated arbitration pursuant to §89-11(e), and not a voluntary agreement to arbitrate, the Hawaii labor relations board had original jurisdiction over the parties' dispute pursuant to §89-14; circuit court did not have jurisdiction pursuant to this chapter because this chapter was inapplicable.  134 H. 489, 345 P.3d 155 (2015).

  To the extent that there may be a conflict between the jurisdictional provisions of this chapter and chapter 89, chapter 89 takes precedence over this chapter.  132 H. 492 (App.), 323 P.3d 136 (2014).