[§657D-21]  Eviction or distress during military service; stay; penalty for noncompliance; allotment of pay for payment.  (a)  No eviction or distress shall be made during the period of military service for any premises occupied chiefly for dwelling purposes by the spouse or other dependents of a person in military service, except upon leave of court granted upon application or granted in an action or proceeding on the right of possession.

     (b)  On any such application or in any such action the court may, in its discretion and on its own motion, and shall, upon application, unless in the opinion of the court the ability of the tenant to pay the agreed rent is not materially affected by reason of such military service, stay the proceedings for not longer than three months, or it may make such other order as may be just.  Where the stay is granted or other order is made by the court, the owner of the premises shall be entitled, upon application therefor, to relief in respect of the premises similar to that granted persons in military service in sections 657D-22 and 657D-23 to such extent and for such period as may appear to the court to be just.

     (c)  Any person who shall knowingly take part in any eviction or distress otherwise than as provided in subsection (a), or attempts so to do, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

     (d)  The adjutant general is empowered, subject to rules adopted under chapter 91, to order an allotment of the pay of a person in military service in reasonable proportion to discharge the rent of premises occupied for dwelling purposes by the spouse or other dependents of the person. [L 1994, c 257, pt of §2]