Part I.  General Provisions


   657D-1 Definitions

   657D-2 Territorial application; jurisdiction of courts;

          form of procedure

   657D-3 Protection of persons secondarily liable

   657D-4 Notice of benefits to persons in and persons

          entering military service

   657D-5 Extension of benefits to persons ordered to report

          for military service

   657D-6 Effect on rights, remedies, etc., pursuant to

          written agreements entered after commencement of

          military service

   657D-7 Exercise of rights not to affect lenders, credit, or



        Part II.  General Relief

  657D-11 Default judgments; affidavits; bonds; attorneys for

          persons in service

  657D-12 Stay of proceedings where military service affects

          conduct thereof

  657D-13 Fines and penalties on contracts

  657D-14 Restrictions

  657D-15 Duration and term of stays; co-defendants not in


  657D-16 Statutes of limitations as affected by period of


  657D-17 Maximum rate of interest

  657D-18 Limitation prescribed by state tax laws as affected

          by period of service


        Part III.  Rent, Installment Contracts, Mortgages,

                   Liens, Assignments, Leases

  657D-21 Eviction or distress during military service; stay;

          penalty for noncompliance; allotment of pay for


  657D-22 Installment contracts for purchase of property

  657D-23 Mortgages, trust deeds, and other securities

  657D-24 Settlement of cases involving stayed proceedings to

          foreclose mortgage on, resume possession of, or

          terminate contract for purchase of, personal


  657D-25 Termination of residential or motor vehicle leases by


  657D-26 Life insurance policies; penalties

  657D-27 Extension of benefits to dependents


        Part IV.  Insurance

  657D-31 Definitions

  657D-32 Persons entitled to benefits; applications; amount

          of insurance protected

  657D-33 Form of application; reports to insurance

          commissioner by insurer; policy deemed modified

          upon application for protection

  657D-34 Determination of policies entitled to protection;

          notice to parties; lapse of policies for nonpayment

          of premiums, etc.

  657D-35 Rights and privileges of insured during period of


  657D-36 Deduction of unpaid premiums upon settlement of

          policies maturing during protection

  657D-37 Guarantee of premiums and interest by State;

          settlement of amounts due upon expiration of

          protection; subrogation of state crediting debt


  657D-38 Rules; finality of determinations


        Part V.  Taxes and Public Lands

  657D-41 Taxes respecting personalty, money, credits, or

          realty; sale of property to enforce collection;

          redemption of property sold; penalty for nonpayment;

          notice of rights to beneficiaries of section

  657D-42 Rights to public lands not forfeited; grazing lands

  657D-43 Income taxes; collection deferred; interest; statute

          of limitations


        Part VI.  Administrative Remedies

  657D-51 Transfers to take advantage of chapter

  657D-52 Certificates of service; persons reported missing

  657D-53 Revocation of interlocutory orders


        Part VII.  Further Relief

  657D-61 Stay of enforcement of obligations, liabilities,


  657D-62 Power of attorney

  657D-63 Reinstatement of health insurance coverage upon

          release from service


Cross References


  Vehicle weight tax exemption for active duty personnel, see §249-6.5.