[§657-1.5]  Limitation of actions not applicable to State.  No limitation of actions provided for under this or any other chapter shall apply to bar the institution or maintenance of any action by or on behalf of the State and its agencies, unless the State is specifically designated in such a statute as subject to the limitation period contained therein.  No defense to any action brought by the State or any of its agencies shall be predicated upon the lapse of time. [L 1991, c 8, §1]


Case Notes


  Plaintiffs water commission and department of water supply of county of Hawaii could not benefit from this section; plaintiffs were obligated to bring their claims in a timely manner within applicable limitations period.  930 F. Supp. 1411 (1996).

  Where plaintiff office of Hawaiian affairs brought suit in its own corporate name under §10-16, rather than as an agency of the State on behalf of the people of the State, this section did not exempt plaintiff from the statute of limitations for bringing a suit under §673-10.  110 H. 338, 133 P.3d 767 (2006).