Part I.  Personal Actions


     657-1 Six years

   657-1.5 Limitation of actions not applicable to State

   657-1.8 Civil action arising from sexual offenses;

           application; certificate of merit

     657-2 Mutual current account

     657-3 Counterclaim

   657-3.5 Relation back of amendments

     657-4 Two years; libel and slander

     657-5 Domestic judgments and decrees

   657-5.5 Judgments for support

     657-6 Four years; causes arising in foreign jurisdiction,


     657-7 Damage to persons or property

   657-7.3 Medical torts; limitation of actions; time

   657-7.5 Third-party defendants, time in which plaintiff may


     657-8 Limitation of action for damages based on construction

           to improve real property

     657-9 Action barred in foreign jurisdiction

    657-10 Special limitations

    657-11 Recoveries authorized by federal statute

    657-12 Repealed

    657-13 Infancy, insanity, imprisonment

    657-14 Disability to exist at accrual of action

    657-15 Two or more disabilities

    657-16, 17 Repealed

    657-18 Extension by absence from State

    657-19 Extension by injunction

    657-20 Extension by fraudulent concealment

    657-21 Extension by keeping defendant in ignorance

  657-21.5 Extension by sentencing of criminal defendant

    657-22 When process not commencement

    657-23 Extension while criminal case is pending

    657-24 Periodic payments of damages


        Part II.  Real Actions

    657-31 Twenty years

  657-31.5 Adverse possession

    657-32 How computed

    657-33 Action accrues when

  657-33.5 Deregistered land

    657-34 Disabilities

    657-35 Extension of time by death

    657-36 Same

    657-37 Repealed

    657-38 Possession, interrupting statute


Case Notes


  The statutory scheme and legislative history of §386-8 indicated that the phrase "except as limited by [this] chapter" was not intended to restrict an employee's right to intervene in a lawsuit that was timely filed by his or her employer; thus, employee was not barred by the statute of limitations under §657-7 to intervene in plaintiff insurer's timely filed suit, and the circuit court erred in granting defendant's motion for summary judgment.  126 H. 406, 271 P.3d 1165 (2012).