652-1 Garnishee process; "garnishee fund"

  652-1.5 Prejudgment garnishment; procedures

    652-2 Garnishee, rights, duties; collection by sheriff,

          deputy sheriff, police officer, or independent civil

          process server

  652-2.5 Service on garnishee

  652-2.6 Effect of service

    652-3 Amount withheld

    652-4 Satisfying judgment

    652-5 Successive sequestration of wages, upon change of


    652-6 Same

    652-7 Successive actions; procedure

    652-8 Execution, when

    652-9 Garnishee may be heard on notice to plaintiff

   652-10 Debts payable in future

   652-11 Section 652-9 to appear on summons

   652-12 Payment by garnishee, effect

  652-13, 14 Repealed

   652-15 Law applicable to all courts




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.


Rules of Court


  See HRCP rules 64, 69; DCRCP rules 64, 69.  Service, see HRCP rule 4; DCRCP rule 4.


Case Notes


  Validity of prejudgment replevin provisions authorizing taking of property without affording prior opportunity to be heard.  407 U.S. 67 (1972).

  Pledgor's interest in pledged stock, though subject to bank's security interest, was garnishable under this chapter.  92 H. 347, 992 P.2d 42 (2000).