[634-27] Substituted service of summons in attachment cases. In all cases where a writ of attachment is issued out of any court in accordance with chapter 651, relating to attachments, if it appears by affidavit or otherwise to the satisfaction of the judge that the defendant in attachment was never a resident of the State, or has removed therefrom, or that the defendant secretes oneself so that process cannot be personally served upon the defendant, the judge may order that service be made by publication as provided in section 634-23, or in the manner provided in section 634-24, and with like effect. Upon the trial of the cause the defendant thus summoned, if the defendant does not appear, may be declared to be in default, and the court may proceed to hearing and judgment, and may issue execution against the property upon which attachment has been levied. [L 1917, c 67, 1; RL 1925, 2345; am L 1929, c 43, 3; RL 1935, 4081; RL 1945, 10063; RL 1955, 230-34; HRS 634-61; ren HRS 634-27; gen ch 1985]


Rules of Court


See HRCP rules 4(e), (f), 64, 69.



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