[634-26] Form of published notice. The published notice provided for by section 634-23 shall be in the form of a summons, without a caption but referring to the complaint or petition, stating briefly the object of the action or proceeding[,] with a brief description of the property involved, and calling upon the persons to whom it is addressed to plead on or before a return day stated in the notice. [L 1917, c 67, 3; RL 1925, 2347; am L 1929, c 43, 4; RL 1935, 4083; RL 1945, 10065; RL 1955, 230-36; HRS 634-63; am L 1972, c 89, 2A(i); ren HRS 634-26]


Rules of Court


Publication of summons, see HRCP rule 4.



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