634-25 Personal service on resident outside the State. [(a)] Whenever a defendant, being a resident of the State, cannot be served within the State[,] personal service may be made upon the defendant outside the State by any person authorized to serve process in the place in which the defendant may be found or specially appointed by the court to make the service[,] which service shall be evidenced by the return of the serving officer or by affidavit and shall be of the same legal force and validity as if made within the State.

[(b)] The affidavit required by this section shall set forth facts based upon the personal knowledge of the affiant concerning the methods, means, and attempts made to satisfy the requirements of this section and any other pertinent facts. [L 1972, c 89, 2A(h); HRS 634-60.5; ren HRS 634-25; am L 1976, c 183, 3; gen ch 1985]



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