[634-13] Questions of law; submission to supreme court. In all cases of interpleader proceedings where the question is one of law and the facts are not in dispute, the judge shall be at liberty at the judge's discretion to decide the question without directing an action or issue, and (if the judge shall think it desirable) to order that a special case be stated for the opinion of the supreme court, and the proceedings upon such case shall (as nearly as may be) be the same as upon a submission to the court according to law. [L 1876, c 33, 9; RL 1925, 2876; RL 1935, 4065; RL 1945, 10047; RL 1955, 230-17; HRS 634-47; ren HRS 634-13; gen ch 1985]


Rules of Court


Interpleader, see HRCP rule 22.


Case Notes


Did not apply to district courts under prior law. 6 H. 254 (1879).



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