632-6 Provisions, remedial. This chapter is declared to be remedial. Its purpose is to afford relief from the uncertainty and insecurity attendant upon controversies over legal rights, without requiring one of the parties interested so to invade the rights asserted by the other as to entitle the party to maintain an ordinary action therefor. It is to be liberally interpreted and administered, with a view to making the courts more serviceable to the people. [L 1921, c 162, 6; RL 1925, 2923; RL 1935, 4225; RL 1945, 9976; RL 1955, 228-6; HRS 632-6; gen ch 1985]


Case Notes


Cited: 27 H. 420, 424 (1923); 31 H. 720, 721 (1930).



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