622-51 Definitions. As used in this part:

"Health care data" means information submitted for outcomes, trends, or cost analysis, and research or informed policy and decision making relating to health care costs, mortality, morbidity, and treatment outcomes including but not limited to the:

(1) Date of admission and date of discharge;

(2) Patient discharge status;

(3) Principal and secondary diagnoses;

(4) Principal and secondary procedures;

(5) Total charge segregated by service, procedures, facility, drugs, and medical supplies used; and

(6) Total payment reimbursed to the health care professional or provider.

"Medical facility" means a hospital operated by a public entity, a hospital licensed under chapter 321, the office of a medical group practice, a licensed physician's office, or any other type of facility where medical records relating to the care or treatment of a patient are kept.

"Medical records" mean records of patients kept by a medical facility.

"Officer" means a public officer, but does not include a person before whom a deposition is being taken. [L 1971, c 139, pt of 1; am L 1972, c 104, 2(s); am L 1995, c 190, 3]



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