622-43 Decree of distribution, prima facie evidence of what. When upon the trial of any cause in any court of the State it becomes necessary to show the devolution of the title to land any former owner of which died intestate, a decree or order of distribution duly entered by a court having jurisdiction in probate of the estate of any such deceased owner may be received in evidence, and, when so received, shall constitute prima facie proof of the descent of the title to the person or persons named as distributee or distributees in the order or decree, provided that the order or decree was so entered not less than ten years prior to the date upon which the cause was commenced. [L 1923, c 169, 1; RL 1925, 2609; RL 1935, 3849; RL 1945, 9900; RL 1955, 224-24; HRS 622-43]


Case Notes


Cited: 45 H. 521, 536, 371 P.2d 379 (1962); 49 H. 273, 295, 296, 414 P.2d 925 (1966).



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