621C-1 Self-incrimination claim precluded. If a person refuses, on the basis of the person's privilege against self-incrimination, to testify or produce a record, document, or other object in an official proceeding conducted under the authority of:

(1) A court or grand jury;

(2) An agency of the State; or

(3) Either house of the legislature, a joint committee of the two houses, or a committee or a subcommittee of either house;

and the presiding officer informs the person of an order issued under this chapter, the person may not refuse to comply with the order on the basis of the person's privilege against self- incrimination. [L 1978, c 212, pt of 2; gen ch 1985]


Cross References


Antitrust proceedings, see 480-23 to 480-23.4.

Refusal to testify, obstruction of justice, see 710-1072.5.



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