§612-18  [Trial jury; additional requirements.]  (a)  If the court so orders, prospective trial jurors shall be drawn and summoned, and further proceedings had as provided in section 612‑17.

     (b)  In no case shall the trial jurors be chosen other than by lot, nor shall the trial jury be selected from the prospective jurors other than by lot in open court.

     (c)  The names of prospective jurors to be summoned to sit as a jury, and the contents of juror qualification forms completed by those jurors, shall be made available to the litigants concerned. [L 1973, c 191, pt of §1; am L 1987, c 366, §11; am L 1993, c 159, §4; am L 2007, c 122, §13]


Case Notes


  Purpose of subsection (c) is to uphold a criminal defendant's constitutional guarantees of a presumption of innocence and an impartial jury.  83 H. 507, 928 P.2d 1 (1996).