Part I.  Selection and Service


    612-1 Declaration of policy

    612-2 Prohibition of discrimination

    612-3 Definitions

    612-4 Grounds of qualification and disqualification

    612-5 Disqualification by interest

    612-6 Exempt when

    612-7 Excused when, for cause

    612-8 Pay of jurors; mileage fee; bus fare; parking

          violations exemption

    612-9 Certificate for jury pay

   612-10 Repealed

   612-11 Master list

   612-12 Master jury wheel

   612-13 Juror qualification form

   612-14 Qualified jury wheel

   612-15 Certified jury lists

   612-16 Grand jury

   612-17 Trial jury

   612-18 Trial jury; additional requirements

   612-19 Summoning of prospective jurors

   612-20 Requests for exemption or excuse

   612-21 Jurors disqualified, exempted, or excused

   612-22 Trial jurors subject to one year of service; one day

          or one trial requirement

   612-23 Challenging compliance with selection procedures

   612-24 Preservation of records

   612-25 Protection of jurors' employment

   612-26 Use of electronic or other means for drawing grand

          and trial juries

   612-27 Rules


        Part II.  Grand Jury Counsel and Proceedings

   612-51 Grand jury counsel; appointment and removal

   612-52 Grand jury counsel; qualifications

   612-53 Grand jury counsel; length of term; extension of

          term; limitation on reappointment

   612-54 Grand jury counsel; call to duty

   612-55 Grand jury counsel; compensation

   612-56 Grand jury counsel; disqualification

   612-57 Grand jury counsel; duties

   612-58 Grand jury proceedings

   612-59 Dismissal of indictment

   612-60 Grand jury counsel; court review


Law Journals and Reviews


  The Prosecutor's Duty to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence to the Grand Jury:  Did the Hawaii Supreme Court Retreat from Fundamental Fairness?  2 UH L. Rev. 145 (1979).


Case Notes


  Trial court's reassigning from the jury venire to other trials occurring that day potential jurors who admitted having knowledge about the case did not result in a "substantial failure to comply" with the provisions of this chapter and did not prejudice defendant.  98 H. 1, 41 P.3d 157 (2002).