607-13 Costs; defendant's traveling expenses taxable items in certain events. Whenever any cause or proceeding, other than criminal, probate, or divorce, is discontinued or dismissed in any court, the defendant therein shall be entitled to have the defendant's traveling expenses, to be charged at the rate of 10 cents a mile each way in going to and returning from the court, taxed as costs. [L 1915, c 16, 1; RL 1925, 2550; RL 1935, 3799; RL 1945, 9753; RL 1955, 219-13; HRS 607-13; am L 1972, c 88, 5(p); gen ch 1985]


Case Notes


Section specifically addresses awarding of traveling expenses to a prevailing defendant and controls over general statute 607-9; defendant's traveling expenses thus limited to that mandated in this section. 88 H. 46, 961 P.2d 611 (1998).



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