607-1 Power of supreme court with respect to costs and


  607-1.5 Court interpreting services revolving fund

    607-2 Fees to be accounted for

  607-2.5 Exemption of costs and fees

    607-3 Court costs, waiver of prepayment, reduction or

          remission of

  607-3.5 Security for costs

    607-4 District court costs

    607-5 Costs; circuit courts

  607-5.5 Repealed

  607-5.6 Surcharge for parent education for separating parties

          in matrimonial actions, where either party has a

          minor child, and for parties in parentage actions;

          special fund

  607-5.7 Surcharge for indigent legal services

    607-6 Appellate court costs

    607-7 Deposit and payment of fees and costs on appeal

    607-8 Fees of sheriff, deputy sheriff, police officer,

          serving or levying officer, or independent civil

          process server

  607-8.5 Assessment for bench warrant issuance

    607-9 Cost charges exclusive; disbursements

  607-10, 11 Repealed

   607-12 Witnesses' fees, mileage; taxation

   607-13 Costs; defendant's traveling expenses taxable items in

          certain events

   607-14 Attorneys' fees in actions in the nature of

          assumpsit, etc.

 607-14.5 Attorneys' fees and costs in civil actions

 607-14.7 Attorney's fees, costs, and expenses; judgment


 607-14.9 Actions to enforce covenants not to compete

   607-15 Repealed

 607-15.5 Attorneys' fees in tort actions

   607-16 In both courts, when; set off against judgment, when

   607-17 Repealed

   607-18 Compensation of trustees

   607-19 Repealed

   607-20 Charitable trusts, special provision

   607-21 Expense of bond

   607-22 Repealed

   607-23 Fees of commissioners, appraisers, etc.

   607-24 No bonds or costs to be filed or paid by government

   607-25 Actions based on failure to obtain government

          permit or approvals; attorney's fees and costs

   607-26 Limit on supersedeas bond