604-1 Judicial circuits; district judges; sessions

    604-2 Appointment and tenure of district judges;

          per diem district judges

  604-2.5 Salary of district judges

    604-3 Disqualification, absence, vacancy

    604-4 Repealed

    604-5 Civil jurisdiction

    604-6 Ejectment proceedings

  604-6.1 Jurisdiction of district courts; leased or

          rented personal property

  604-6.2 Order to show cause

    604-7 Powers; venue

  604-7.2 Arrest warrants arising from traffic violations

  604-7.3 Change of venue

  604-7.4 Cure or waiver of defects

  604-7.5 Continuance of hearing or trial

    604-8 Criminal, misdemeanors, generally

    604-9 Same; powers

   604-10 Repealed

 604-10.5 Power to enjoin and temporarily restrain


   604-11 Jurisdiction of district courts; ordinances

 604-11.5 Same; offenses committed within the circuit

   604-12 Repealed

   604-13 Arrest under warrant

   604-14 Repealed

   604-15 Rules by supreme court

   604-16 Expenses of serving warrant

   604-17 Courts of record; testimony and proceedings

  604-18, 19 Repealed

   604-20 Powers of clerk




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.

  District court judges as hearing officers for administrative revocation of drivers licenses proceedings.  L 1990, c 188, §13.


Cross References


  Small claims, etc., see chapter 633.


Rules of Court


  See generally Rules of the District Courts; District Court Rules of Civil Procedure; Hawaii Rules of Penal Procedure; Hawaii Court Records Rules; Hawaii Electronic Filing and Service Rules.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Electronic Discovery:  A Call for a New Rules Regime for the Hawai‘i Courts.  32 UH L. Rev. 153 (2009).