Part heading amended by L 1972, c 88, pt of §3(r); L 1983, c 244, §2.


     §603-41  When judge may be required to preside in another circuit; temporary assignment of retired circuit judges.  Whenever it is advisable, by reason of the disqualification of any circuit judge, or the judge's inability to attend to the judge's duties or there is a vacancy in the office of any circuit judge, or a congestion of work in any circuit court, or for any other reason, the chief justice of the supreme court may assign and require the judge of any other circuit, or any retired circuit judge, from any circuit, to hear and determine any or all matters then or thereafter pending in the circuit to which the judge is assigned for such purpose, and to perform any other duties pertaining to the office of circuit judge of the circuit to which the judge is so assigned, and while so engaged the judge shall have and exercise all the powers vested in a judge of that circuit.  A judge serving temporarily shall not be actively engaged in the practice of law.  Temporarily assigned retired circuit court judges shall be compensated per diem at a rate of pay equivalent to that of circuit court judges. [L 1892, c 57, §45; am L 1901, c 12, §1; am L 1923, c 164, §1; RL 1945, §9642; am L 1949, c 37, §1; RL 1955, §215-12; HRS §603-41; am L 1972, c 88, §3(s); am L 1983, c 244, §3; gen ch 1993]


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  See Const. art. VI, §6.


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