603-21.6 Probate. The several circuit courts shall have power to:

(1) Grant probate of wills;

(2) Appoint personal representatives;

(3) Determine the heirs at law or devisees of deceased persons and to decree the distribution of decedents' estates;

(4) Appoint guardians for incapacitated adults;

(5) Appoint conservators;

(6) Compel personal representatives and such guardians and conservators to perform their respective trusts and to account in all respects for the discharge of their official duties;

(7) Remove any personal representative or any such guardian or conservator; and

(8) Do all other things as provided in chapter 560. [L 1972, c 88, 3(j); am L 1976, c 200, pt of 1; am L 2004, c 161, 34]


Rules of Court


See Hawaii Probate Rules.


Case Notes


Cited: 77 H. 251 (App.), 883 P.2d 673 (1994).



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