Part heading amended by L 1972, c 88, 3(c).


603-11 Separate sessions at same time. There may be one session of the circuit court of any circuit, or separate sessions of the court at the same time, each of which may be held by one, but not more than one, of the judges of the circuit court of that circuit or any other circuit judge who may be authorized to preside in that circuit. Judgments, decrees, orders, and proceedings of any session held by any one of the judges shall be as effective as if only one session was held at a time. [L 1892, c 57, pt of 30; am L 1903, c 32, 7; RL 1925, 2241; RL 1935, 3637; RL 1945, 9635; RL 1955, 215-5; HRS 603-11; am L 1972, c 88, 3(d)]



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