603-2 Title. There shall be established in each of the judicial circuits of the State a court with the powers and under the conditions hereinafter set forth, which shall be styled the circuit court of such circuit, as, for instance, the circuit court of the third circuit. [L 1892, c 57, pt of 30; RL 1925, 2235; RL 1935, 3631; RL 1945, 9632; RL 1955, 215-2; HRS 603-2]


Rules of Court


Acts or proceedings outside the circuit, see HRCP rules 77(b), 82.


Case Notes


Prior to statehood, circuit court not a court of the United States within meaning of Norris-La Guardia Act. 37 H. 404 (1946).

As to whether extra-territorial jurisdiction may be exercised, see 46 H. 197, 377 P.2d 609 (1962).



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