Part I.  Circuits and Judges


    603-1 Judicial circuits

    603-2 Title

    603-3 First circuit court judges

    603-4 Other circuits; judges

    603-5 Salary of circuit court judges

    603-6 Residence of judge

    603-7 Repealed


        Part II.  Sessions

   603-11 Separate sessions at same time

   603-12 Sessions, held where

   603-13 Repealed

   603-14 Place of trial; signature of judge

   603-15 Repealed

   603-16 Continuance of hearing or trial

   603-17 Repealed


        Part III.  Jurisdiction and Powers

   603-21 Repealed

 603-21.5 General

 603-21.6 Probate

 603-21.7 Nonjury cases

 603-21.8 Appeals

 603-21.9 Powers

   603-22 Repealed

   603-23 Injunction of violation of laws and ordinances

 603-23.5 Action to enjoin violation of section 708-871;

          action for damages

   603-24 to 28 Repealed

   603-29 Order to show cause


        Part IV.  Venue

   603-36 Actions and proceedings, where to be brought

   603-37 Change of venue

 603-37.5 Cure or waiver of defects


        Part V.  Assignment to Another Circuit; Temporary

                 Assignment of Retired Circuit Judges

   603-41 When judge may be required to preside in another

          circuit; temporary assignment of retired circuit


   603-42 Repealed


        Part VI.  Rent Control Appeals--Repealed

   603-46 Repealed




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of the court, see note preceding Title 32.


Cross References


  Intermediate sanctions for selected offenders and defendants, see §§353-10.5, 353-63.5, and 706-605.1.


Rules of Court


  See generally Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure; Hawaii Rules of Penal Procedure; Hawaii Court Records Rules; Hawaii Electronic Filing and Service Rules.


Law Journals and Reviews


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