Pursuant to article VI, section 7 of the state constitution, the supreme court promulgated rules having the force and effect of law.  Statutes relating to process, practice, procedure, and appeals remain in force and effect if, but only if, they are not in conflict with the rules of court.  Accordingly, the procedural statutes set out in this division should be compared with the rules of court to ascertain whether they have been superseded in whole or in part.  As to applicability of rules, see HRCP rules 1 and 81; HRPP rules 1 and 54; RCC rules 1.1, 32, and 34; HAR rule 2; RDC rules 1.1 and 31; DCRCP rules 1 and 81; RSCD rule 1; HFCR rules 1 and 81; HRAP rules 1, 2, and 2.1; see also Rules of the Supreme Court, Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct, Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct, Rules of the Intermediate Court of Appeals, Rules of the Tax Appeal Court, and Rules of the Land Court.


Rules of Court


  See also Hawaii Appellate Mediation Program Rules; Hawaii Probate Rules; Hawaii Civil Traffic Rules; Rules Governing Court Reporting; Hawaii Rules for Certification of Spoken and Sign Language Interpreters.






   601 Courts Generally

   602 Courts of Appeal

   603 Circuit Courts

   604 District Courts

  604A Environmental Courts

   605 Attorneys

   606 Clerks, Reporters, Interpreters, Etc.

   607 Costs and Fees

   608 Expenses and Salaries

   609 Jurors--Repealed

   610 Retirement and Removal of Justices and Judges--Repealed

   611 Counsel and Other Services For Indigent Defendants--


   612 Jurors

   613 Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

   614 Criminal Justice Research Institute




  Community court outreach project; annual report to 2018-2020 legislature.  L 2017, c 55.






    601-1 Judiciary

  601-1.5 Emergency period; suspension of deadlines

    601-2 Administration

    601-3 Administrative director

  601-3.2 Reporting of non-general fund information

  601-3.5 Supreme court law library revolving fund

  601-3.6 Spouse and child abuse special account; judiciary

  601-3.7 Judiciary computer system special fund

    601-4 Judicial council

    601-5 Independence of judiciary

    601-6 Repealed

    601-7 Disqualification of judge; relationship, pecuniary

          interest, previous judgment, bias or prejudice

    601-8 Practice of law forbidden

    601-9 Same, other instances

   601-10 to 12 Repealed

   601-13 Publication of notices and process

   601-14 Repealed

   601-15 Style of process

   601-16 Repealed

   601-17 Use of credit and debit cards to pay for court

          costs, fees, expenses, and other charges

 601-17.5 Collection of delinquent court-ordered payments

   601-18 Interest income

   601-20 Court annexed arbitration program

   601-21 Substance abuse treatment monitoring program



   601-31 to 38 Repealed


        Security Personnel

   601-51 Repealed




  Community court outreach project; annual report to 2018-2020 legislature.  L 2017, c 55.

  Decriminalizing minor offenses.  L 2005, c 124; L 2008, c 101.

  Financial hardship task force; report to 2020 legislature (ceases to exist on June 30, 2020).  L 2019, c 112, §2.


Cross References


  Commission on salaries, see §26-56.

  Intermediate sanctions for selected offenders and defendants, see §§353-10.5, 353-63.5, and 706-605.1.


Rules of Court


  Court interpreter certification program, see Hawaii Rules for Certification of Spoken and Sign Language Interpreters.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Judicial Independence:  The Hawaii Experience.  2 UH L. Rev. 1 (1979).