588-4 Duties of the director. The director shall:

(1) Enter into agreements with police departments, departments of the prosecuting attorneys and county corporation counsels, the departments of the attorney general, health, and human services, and other public and private agencies, including agreements for the temporary assignment of appropriate personnel from each agency to the program;

(2) Enter into contracts for the provision of specialized training and continuing education for interviewers of child sex abuse victims and child witnesses from both public and private agencies and providers;

(3) Arrange for interviews of child sex abuse victims and child witnesses in an appropriate setting;

(4) Promote interagency cooperation and coordination, including information sharing and gathering, among the public and private agencies and their providers that deliver investigative, case management, and therapeutic services;

(5) Coordinate the flow of information between the agencies responsible for criminal prosecution and the agencies responsible for protective action in civil proceedings, including those professionals providing services to children and their families;

(6) Arrange for the exchange of information, to include statistical data from public and private agencies involved in child sex abuse programs and issues;

(7) Develop recommendations and plans for action to assist the public and private agencies involved in cases of child sex abuse and serious physical child abuse; and

(8) Prepare and maintain records and reports for the program. [L 1986, c 169, pt of 1; am L 1988, c 141, 59; am L 2001, c 219, 5]



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