587A-32 Permanent plan. (a) The permanent plan shall:

(1) State whether the permanency goal for the child will be achieved through adoption, legal guardianship, or permanent custody;

(2) Establish a reasonable period of time by which the adoption or legal guardianship shall be finalized;

(3) Document:

(A) A compelling reason why legal guardianship or permanent custody is in the child's best interests if adoption is not the goal; or

(B) A compelling reason why permanent custody is in the child's best interests if adoption or legal guardianship is not the goal;

(4) Establish other related goals, including those pertaining to the stability of the child's placement; education; health; therapy; counseling; relationship with the child's birth family, including visits, if any; cultural connections; and preparation for independent living;

(5) If a child has reached the age of fourteen, describe the services needed to assist the child with the transition from foster care to independent living; and

(6) Describe the methods for achieving the goals and objectives set forth in paragraphs (4) and (5).

(b) A permanent plan prepared for a periodic review hearing or a permanency hearing shall describe:

(1) Progress toward achieving the goal of the plan;

(2) Proposed revisions to the goal of the plan and reasons for the revisions; and

(3) Proposed revisions to the methods for achieving the goals of the plan and objectives and the reasons for the revisions. [L 2010, c 135, pt of 1; am L 2016, c 133, 6]



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