[587A-10] Relatives; foster placement. (a) The department shall provide the child's relative an application to be the child's resource family within fifteen days of the relative's request to provide foster placement for the child. If the application is submitted and denied, the department shall provide the applicant with the specific reasons for the denial and an explanation of the procedures for an administrative appeal.

(b) The department and authorized agencies shall make reasonable efforts to identify and notify all relatives of the child within thirty days after assuming foster custody of the child. [L 2010, c 135, pt of 1]


Case Notes


Sections 587A-2 and 587A-7 and this section do not contain an explicit or mandatory preference in favor of relative placements at all stages of a case. 130 H. 486 (App.), 312 P.3d 1193 (2013).



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