Part I.  Short Title, Purpose, Construction, Rights,

                 and Definitions


     587A-1 Short title

     587A-2 Purpose; construction

     587A-3 Repealed

   587A-3.1 Rights of children in foster care

   587A-3.5 Authority to conduct criminal history record checks

            without consent

     587A-4 Definitions


        Part II.  Jurisdiction and Venue

     587A-5 Jurisdiction

     587A-6 Venue


        Part III.  Safe Family Home Factors and Pre-Petition


     587A-7 Safe family home factors

   587A-7.5 Safe family home factors; disability

     587A-8 Protective custody by police officer without court


     587A-9 Temporary foster custody without court order

    587A-10 Relatives; foster placement

    587A-11 Investigation; department powers


        Part IV.  Court Proceedings, Evidence, and Orders

    587A-12 Petition

    587A-13 Summons and service of summons

    587A-14 Notice of hearings; participation of resource family

    587A-15 Duties, rights, and liability of authorized agencies

    587A-16 Guardian ad litem

    587A-17 Court-appointed attorneys

    587A-18 Reports to be submitted by the department and

            authorized agencies

    587A-19 Testimony by department social worker

    587A-20 Inadmissibility of evidence in other state actions

            or proceedings

    587A-21 Admissibility of evidence; testimony by a child

    587A-22 Unavailability of specified privileges

    587A-23 Effect of oral orders

    587A-24 Motions to vacate or modify prior orders brought or

            decided upon pursuant to rule 59, Hawaii family

            court rules

    587A-25 Conduct of hearing in child protective proceedings

    587A-26 Temporary foster custody hearing

    587A-27 Service plan

    587A-28 Return hearing

    587A-29 Show cause hearing

    587A-30 Periodic review hearing

    587A-31 Permanency hearing

    587A-32 Permanent plan

    587A-33 Termination of parental rights hearing

    587A-34 Reinstatement of parental rights

    587A-35 Retention of jurisdiction

    587A-36 Appeal


       Part V.  Miscellaneous

    587A-37 Failure to comply with terms and conditions of an

            order of the court

    587A-38 Protective order

    587A-39 Notice and service of protective order

    587A-40 Court records

    587A-41 Payment for service or treatment provided to a party

            or for a child's care, support, or treatment

    587A-42 Educational, medical, dental, and recreational needs

    587A-43 Child protective review panel


Case Notes


  There is no relative preference in this chapter with regard to permanent placement of foster children; to the extent that the department of human services' policy directives mandate such a preference, those policies impermissibly alter this chapter and its legislative history.  132 H. 368, 322 P.3d 263 (2014).

  This chapter does not require that relatives must be given preference in placing a child after the birth parents' rights have been terminated; even assuming there was a preference for relative placement, it would not supersede best interest considerations.  Although placement with a relative after termination of parental rights may have certain advantages, the paramount and overriding consideration is the best interests of the child.  130 H. 486 (App.), 312 P.3d 1193 (2013).


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