§586-10  Copy to law enforcement agency.  (a)  Any order for protection granted pursuant to this chapter shall be transmitted by the clerk of the court within twenty-four hours to the appropriate county police department.

     (b)  Each county police department shall make available to other law enforcement officers in the same county, through a system for verification, information as to the existence and status of any order for protection issued pursuant to this chapter. [L 1982, c 123, pt of §2; am L 2000, c 186, §5]


Case Notes


  Pursuant to this chapter, absent special circumstances, the family court should not be involved in any stage of the prosecution of an allegation of a knowing or intentional violation of a protective order by an adult person, including the stage where the allegations are referred to the police or the prosecutor, other than to simply advise interested parties that the proper place to present such allegations is to the police or the prosecutor, not to the family court.  99 H. 363 (App.), 55 P.3d 856 (2002).