§584-18  Modification of judgment or order.  (a)  The court shall have continuing jurisdiction to modify or revoke a judgment or order:

     (1)  For future education and support; and

     (2)  With respect to matters listed in section 584-15(c) and (d) and section 584-17(b), except that a court entering a judgment or order for the payment of a lump sum or the purchase of an annuity under section 584-15(d) may specify that the judgment or order may not be modified or revoked.

     (b)  In those cases where child support payments are to continue due to the adult child's pursuance of education, the child support enforcement agency, three months prior to the adult child's nineteenth birthday, shall send notice by regular mail to the adult child and the custodial parent that prospective child support will be suspended unless proof is provided by the custodial parent or adult child, to the child support enforcement agency, prior to the child's nineteenth birthday, that the child is presently enrolled as a full-time student in school or has been accepted into and plans to attend as a full-time student for the next semester a post-high school university, college or vocational school.  If the custodial parent or adult child fails to do so, prospective child support payments may be automatically suspended by the child support enforcement agency, hearings officer, or court upon the child reaching the age of nineteen years.  In addition, if applicable, the agency, hearings officer, or court may issue an order terminating existing assignments against the responsible parent's income and income assignment orders.

     (c)  The need to provide for the child's health care needs through health insurance or other means shall be a basis for petitioning for a modification of the support order. [L 1975, c 66, pt of §1; am L 1992, c 212, §4; am L 1997, c 293, §45]