§584-17  Enforcement of judgment or order.  (a)  If existence of the father and child relationship is declared, or paternity or a duty of support has been acknowledged or adjudicated under this chapter or under prior law, the obligation of the father may be enforced in the same or other proceedings by the mother, the child, the public authority that has furnished or may furnish the reasonable expenses of pregnancy, confinement, education, support, or funeral, or by any other person, including a private agency, to the extent the person has furnished or is furnishing these expenses.

     (b)  The court may order support payments to be made to the mother, the child support enforcement agency, or a person, corporation, or agency designated to administer them for the benefit of the child under the supervision of the court.

     (c)  Wilful failure to obey the judgment or order of the court shall be a civil contempt of the court.  All remedies for the enforcement of judgments shall apply to this chapter.  When a court of competent jurisdiction issues an order compelling a parent to furnish support, including child support, medical support, or other remedial care, for the parent's child, it shall constitute prima facie evidence of a civil contempt of court upon proof that:

     (1)  The order was made, filed, and served on the parent or proof that the parent was present in court at the time the order was pronounced; and

     (2)  The parent did not comply with the order.

An order of civil contempt of court based on prima facie evidence under this subsection shall clearly state that the failure to comply with the order of civil contempt of court may subject the parent to a penalty that may include imprisonment or, if imprisonment is immediately ordered, the conditions that must be met for release from imprisonment.  A party may also prove civil contempt of court by means other than prima facie evidence under this subsection. [L 1975, c 66, pt of §1; gen ch 1985; am L 1986, c 332, §22; am L 2008, c 157, §2]