§584-16  Costs.  The court may order reasonable fees of counsel, experts, and the child's guardian ad litem, and other costs of the action and pre-trial proceedings, including genetic tests, subject to the provisions of section 584-11(f), to be paid by the parties in proportions and at times determined by the court.  The court may order the proportion of any indigent party to be paid by the State, or such person as the court shall direct. [L 1975, c 66, pt of §1; am L 1989, c 34, §5; am L 1997, c 293, §44]


Cross References


  Maximum fees for appointed counsel and guardian ad litem, see §571-87.


Case Notes


  Party in paternity action may be ordered to pay costs of the action to the department of social services and housing.  5 H. App. 558, 705 P.2d 535 (1985).

  No abuse of discretion in award of attorney's fees and costs.  6 H. App. 629, 736 P.2d 448 (1987).

  Authorizes reimbursement of costs of service.  8 H. App. 50, 792 P.2d 308 (1990).

  Application of section limited to paternity actions.  85 H. 108 (App.), 937 P.2d 949 (1997).