Part I.  General Provisions


   583A‑101 Short title

   583A‑102 Definitions

   583A‑103 Proceedings governed by other law

   583A‑104 Application to Indian tribes

   583A‑105 International application of chapter

   583A‑106 Effect of child-custody determination

   583A‑107 Priority

   583A‑108 Notice to persons outside State

   583A‑109 Appearance and limited immunity

   583A‑110 Communication between courts

   583A‑111 Taking testimony in another state

   583A‑112 Cooperation between courts; preservation of



        Part II.  Jurisdiction

   583A‑201 Initial child‑custody jurisdiction

   583A‑202 Exclusive, continuing jurisdiction

   583A‑203 Jurisdiction to modify determination

   583A‑204 Temporary emergency jurisdiction

   583A‑205 Notice; opportunity to be heard; joinder

   583A‑206 Simultaneous proceedings

   583A‑207 Inconvenient forum

   583A‑208 Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct

   583A‑209 Information to be submitted to court

   583A‑210 Appearance of parties and child


        Part III.  Enforcement

   583A‑301 Definitions

   583A‑302 Enforcement under Hague Convention

   583A‑303 Duty to enforce

   583A‑304 Temporary visitation

   583A‑305 Registration of child‑custody determination

   583A‑306 Enforcement of registered determination

   583A‑307 Simultaneous proceedings

   583A‑308 Expedited enforcement of child‑custody


   583A‑309 Service of petition and order

   583A‑310 Hearing and order

   583A‑311 Warrant to take physical custody of child

   583A‑312 Costs, fees, and expenses

   583A‑313 Recognition and enforcement

   583A‑314 Appeals

   583A‑315 Role of attorney general and of prosecuting


   583A‑316 Role of law enforcement

   583A‑317 Costs and expenses


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