§580-74  Support of spouse and children.  Upon decreeing a separation, the court may make such further decree for the support and maintenance of either spouse and for the support, maintenance, and education of minor children, by either spouse, or out of the property of either spouse, as may appear just and proper; provided that the court shall apply the considerations required by section 580-47(a) in formulation of any support decree in any action under this part; and provided further that the court may amend or revise any such decree in the same manner and under the same circumstances as provided for by section 580-47(d). [CC 1859, §1338; am L 1903, c 22, §2; RL 1925, §2989; RL 1935, §4486; RL 1945, §12238; RL 1955, §324-63; HRS §580-74; am L 1973, c 211, §5(u); am L 1974, c 65, pt of §2; am L 1978, c 77, §3]


Case Notes


  Order awarding alimony will not be disturbed where there has been no abuse of discretion.  9 H. 352 (1894).

  Court cannot upon decreeing separation award specific property as alimony; words "or out of his property" limited by §580-13.  26 H. 128 (1921).

  Alimony in gross not allowable upon decree of separation from bed and board.  27 H. 230 (1923).

  Liability under order for temporary maintenance despite final decree of separate maintenance.  38 H. 148 (1948).

  Considerations when decreeing alimony.  42 H. 279 (1958).

  Section does not authorize division of property.  42 H. 279 (1958).

  Cited:  31 H. 574, 576 (1930).