§580-49  Support of insane spouse after divorce.  In every action for divorce where a decree is granted to the plaintiff and the defendant is insane at the time of the decree, the court may, at any time after entering the decree, revise and alter the same so far as the support and maintenance of the insane person is concerned, and may provide for such maintenance by the plaintiff out of any property or earnings acquired by the plaintiff subsequently, as well as previously, to the decree of divorce.  The court making the order for maintenance, may, in its discretion, require the plaintiff to give security to the satisfaction of the court for the faithful execution of the same. [L 1919, c 10, pt of §2; RL 1925, §2973; RL 1935, §4468; RL 1945, §12223; am L 1951, c 287, §1(5); RL 1955, §324-33; am L 1957, c 72, §6; am L 1966, c 22, §6; HRS §580-49; am L 1972, c 11, §7; am L 1973, c 211, §5(q)]