§580-11  Care, custody, education, and maintenance of children pendente lite.  During the pendency of any action for divorce or separation the court may make such orders concerning the care, custody, education, and maintenance of the minor children of the parties to the action as law and justice may require and may enforce the orders by summary process.  The court may revise and amend the orders from time to time. [L 1931, c 49, §1; RL 1935, §4474; RL 1945, §12225; RL 1955, §324-36; HRS §580-11; am L 1973, c 211, §5(g)]


Cross References


  Custody, see §571-46.


Case Notes


  Where joint custodial parents are deadlocked regarding an important decision implicating their child's future or welfare, such an impasse qualifies as a material change in circumstances sufficient to warrant the family court's consideration of a change in the custody order's terms with respect to the deadlocked matter.  133 H. 415 (App.), 329 P.3d 320 (2014).

  Family court did not abuse its discretion by extending wife's temporary support award during the pendency of the case.  134 H. 431 (App.), 341 P.3d 1231 (2014).

  Cited:  35 H. 382, 383 (1940); 38 H. 233, 235 (1948).