580-6 Guardian ad litem for incompetent defendant. In any case where the court has reason to believe that the defendant in a matrimonial action is not fully competent to conduct the defendant's defense or to comprehend the nature of the proceedings, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the interests of the defendant. The court may assess the reasonable fees and expenses of the guardian ad litem as costs of the action, payable in whole or in part by either or both parties as the circumstances may justify. [L 1919, c 10, pt of 2; RL 1925, 2972; RL 1935, 4467; RL 1945, 12217; am L 1951, c 287, 1(2); RL 1955, 324-27; am L 1966, c 22, 6; am L 1967, c 76, 3; HRS 580-6; gen ch 1985]


Cross References


Maximum fees for appointed counsel and guardian ad litem, see 571-87.


Rules of Court


Guardians ad litem, see HFCR rule 17(c).



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