§580-3.5  Personal judgment against absent defendant.  In any proceeding in the family court, the court may render a personal judgment against a party who is outside of this State and over whom jurisdiction is acquired by service of process in the manner set forth in section 580-3(b) or (c), if the party was personally served with a copy of the summons or order to show cause and complaint or other pleading upon which the judgment is based and if the party was a domiciliary of this State at the time:

     (1)  The cause of action that is the subject of the proceeding arose;

     (2)  Of the commencement of the proceeding; or

     (3)  Of service. [L 1970, c 24, §1; am L 2018, c 18, §48]


Rules of Court


  Default judgment, see HFCR rule 55.


Case Notes


  Where child support proceeding commenced when mother filed complaint for divorce, child support enforcement agency's motion for modification of child support payments filed twelve years later was "continuation of proceeding", and, under §580-47 and this section, court had continuing jurisdiction over non-Hawaii domiciliary father.  87 H. 209 (App.), 953 P.2d 968 (1998).