578-1 Who may adopt; jurisdiction; venue

578-1.5 Adoption

578-2 Consent to adoption

578-3 Custody of child pendente lite

578-4 Notice to resident nonconsenting legal parent whose

rights have not been terminated

578-5 Same; proof of

578-6 Notice to nonresident or unlocated nonconsenting

legal parent whose rights have not been terminated

578-7 Substituted or constructive service

578-8 Hearing; investigation; decree

578-9 Custody of minor child after decree and before


578-10 Disposition of minor child on discontinuance,

withdrawal or denial of petition

578-11 Disposition in case of death of petitioners

578-12 Setting aside or modifying decree

578-13 Change of name

578-14 Record of adoption

578-14.5 Medical information on the natural parents of the

adopted minor child

578-15 Secrecy of proceedings and records

578-16 Effect of adoption

578-17 Guardian ad litem


Cross References


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Medicaid-related mandates, see chapter 431L.


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