[§577-27]  Missing children; reporting.  (a)  Upon the filing of a police report that a child is missing by the parent or guardian, the law enforcement agency receiving notification shall:

     (1)  Immediately inform all on-duty law enforcement officers of the existence of the missing child report;

     (2)  Report pertinent information about the missing child to any other law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in the county; and

     (3)  Immediately transmit pertinent information on the missing child for inclusion within the state juvenile justice information system, and, if it appears that the juvenile has left the State or may leave the State, the National Crime Information Center system.

     (b)  A missing child report filed with a law enforcement agency which has jurisdiction is sufficient documentation for entering a juvenile in the missing persons' files of the juvenile justice information system, the National Crime Information Center, or both.  Law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction over the missing child shall comply with any information required by the National Crime Information Center to effectuate the purpose of this [section].

     (c)  In the case of a parental kidnapping, the law enforcement agency shall obtain from the reporting parent or guardian a certified copy of the custody papers. [L 1994, c 244, §1]


Cross References


  Missing child center-Hawaii, see §28-121.