§577-15  Children deemed to be orphans.  For the purpose of taking, or determining eligibility to take, any benefit under any law or under any private instrument by the terms of which orphans are eligible to receive benefits, a child born to parents not married to each other and not adopted shall be deemed an orphan; provided that nothing in this section shall be construed to:

     (1)  Deprive any child of any rights of inheritance, any rights to support, or any other rights to which the child would be entitled; or

     (2)  Affect the liabilities of any other person with respect to any child to which the person would be subject if this section had not been enacted. [L 1941, c 263, §1; RL 1945, §12281; RL 1955, §330-13; HRS §577-15; am L 1975, c 77, §1(4); am L 2018, c 18, §46]