§577-2  Minority of veteran or of the veteran's spouse, no bar when.  The disability of minority of any person who is otherwise eligible for guaranty or insurance of a loan pursuant to the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 (P.L. 346, 78th Cong.), as amended, or as the same may be amended or supplemented, and of the minor spouse of any eligible veteran in connection with any transaction entered into pursuant to such act, is hereby removed, for all purposes in connection with such transaction including, but not limited to, incurring of indebtedness or obligations and acquiring, encumbering, selling, releasing, or conveying property, or any interest therein, and litigating or settling controversies arising therefrom, if all or part of any obligations incident to such transaction is guaranteed or insured by the Administrator of Veterans Affairs pursuant to such act; provided that this section shall not be construed to impose any other or greater rights or liabilities than would exist if such person and such spouse were under no such disability. [L 1947, c 9, §1; RL 1955, §330-2; HRS §577-2; gen ch 1985]