577-1 Age of majority

    577-2 Minority of veteran or of the veteran's spouse,

          no bar when

    577-3 Natural guardian; liability for torts of child

  577-3.5 Property damage, parental responsibility

    577-4 Stepparent; when required to support stepchild

    577-5 Repealed

    577-6 Duty of minor children

    577-7 Parents' control and duties

  577-7.5 Parental preferences in government contracts,

          programs, and services

    577-8 Repealed

    577-9 Jury trial, when

   577-10 Court having jurisdiction

   577-11 to 13 Repealed

   577-14 Children born to parents not married to each other;


   577-15 Children deemed to be orphans

   577-16 Curfew; children in public streets, prohibited

          when; penalty

 577-16.5 Sentencing for the violation of curfew

   577-17 Repealed

   577-18 Parents allowing children in street, prohibited

          when; penalty

   577-19 Children prohibited in certain places, when; penalty

   577-20 Arrest, when in such places

   577-21 Curfew ordinances, effect

   577-22 Dancing partners, patrons, age limit

   577-23 Parent et al. responsibility, penalty

   577-24 Escort's responsibility; penalty

   577-25 Emancipation of certain minors

   577-26 Alcohol or drug abuse relating to minors; diagnosis,

          counseling, and related activities

   577-27 Missing children; reporting

   577-28 Affidavit of caregiver consent for minor's health


   577-29 Mental health services relating to minors; diagnosis,

          counseling, and related activities


Cross References


  Commission on fatherhood, see chapter 577E.

  Interstate compact and commission on educational opportunity for military children, see chapter 311D.


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