§576D-5  Fee for obtaining or enforcing nonpublic assistance order.  (a)  The agency shall require the payment of a reasonable fee on the application of a person under section 576D-3(b)(3) who is not receiving public assistance for support of the child for assistance in obtaining or enforcing a child support order.  The payment and amount of the fee shall be in compliance with applicable federal regulations promulgated under Title IV-D.

     (b)  In the case of an individual who has never received public assistance for the support of a child under Title IV-A and for whom the State has collected not less than $550 of support, the agency shall impose an annual fee of $35 for each case in which Title IV-D services were furnished, which shall be retained in accordance with Title IV-D requirements; provided that the $35 shall not be retained from the first $550 so collected.  Any fee collected shall be maintained by the agency and used as required under Title IV-D. [L 1986, c 332, pt of §2; am L 2007, c 167, §1; am L 2019, c 67, §2]